Your life is My work.

Photo by DJ Connor of Charleston, SC.

Photo by DJ Connor of Charleston, SC.

Photographs are precious.

They capture a story, a blip in space and time, a benchmark, a little slice of a life. When asked, “what is your niche?" I’ve always answered honestly: human beings doing everything. My workplace spans from elegant wedding chapels, to sweaty concert halls, to the deserts of the midwest and into the sea. I have created heirloom art for families, artists, loners, and lovers alike. The culmination of photographs that I have been lucky enough to capture tells a story, and a powerful one at that: We Are One. The human experience is a common thread, and I believe that using visual art to bring beings closer is not only a career, but also a calling.

Therapeutic Processing Session
I can’t thank you enough for helping me to see myself.
— Heather T.

Who I’ve worked with

  • 9 to 5 Music and Art Magazine

  • KEXP Radio, Seattle

  • Republic Development Group

  • Sherman Chiropractic College

  • June Bug Retro Resort

  • Monachopsis Magazine

  • Klean Juice

  • Elysian Magazine

  • Eastside Living Magazine

  • Charleston Country Club